Thursday, January 8, 2015

Now is the time to lock into a 36 month price freeze with our Viridian Fixed Rate and rebate!

We told you that you 2015 would climb high!  Just look at your latest electric bill and scan, take a picture with you smart phone or fax it to me to me at 774-237-0139 or Text to **greenteam

Call me 508-514-0143 don't delay of your will continue to pay higher rates!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Happy NEWS Year! $99. to become a Viridian Associate in ALL STATES!

Looking forward to the Leadership Retreat with Mary Wing and the rest of the Gen V Family!
Today January 2nd, 2015 I received my first SSA check, an inheritance passed from my great uncle Franklin aka FDR after contributing and working a job (just over broke) for over 52 years! I still work 60 + hours a week and continue to pay into SS!

But when I die, so does my SS checks!
My income with Viridian Energy is now larger than my monthly SS after 4 years of greening the grid, and my Viridian income does not stop with my death, it continues for my heirs! 

I also am not restricted to the annual COLA, which in 2015 is 1.7%!  Our Viridian Income and growth is unlimited and not just incumbent on me; but the 100's of Associated Energy Coaches recruited my me and my very social organization. I am leveraging my income with my new coop friends which grows exponentially.

Now this is renewable, sustainable  residual monthly income!

No more grinding my teeth! 

My sister in law says, .."we baby boomers will have to work until we eat the dirt sandwich"!
 Not so with Viridian Energy!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What Are Carbon Off Sets?

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or greenhouse gases made in order to compensate for or to offset an emission made elsewhere.[1][2][3][4]

Carbon offsets are measured in metric tons of carbon dioxide-equivalent (CO2e) and may represent six primary categories of greenhouse gases:[5] carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4), nitrous oxide (N2O), perfluorocarbons (PFCs), hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6).[6] One carbon offset represents the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide or its equivalent in other greenhouse gases.

27 feet high, 27 feet wide, and 27 feet deep

There are two markets for carbon offsets. In the larger, compliance market, companies, governments, or other entities buy carbon offsets in order to comply with caps on the total amount of carbon dioxide they are allowed to emit. This market exists in order to achieve compliance with obligations of Annex 1 Parties under the Kyoto Protocol, and of liable entities under the EU Emission Trading Scheme. In 2006, about $5.5 billion of carbon offsets were purchased in the compliance market, representing about 1.6 billion metric tons of CO2e reductions.[7]

It is my hope and belief that Viridian Energy will be announcing something like this at the Leadership Retreat!  Carbon off set gas cards, for gasoline users, whether your are a individual driver, whole family, company, organization, and or fleet drivers.

In the much smaller, voluntary market, individuals, companies, or governments purchase carbon offsets to mitigate their own greenhouse gas emissions from transportation, electricity use, and other sources. For example, an individual might purchase carbon offsets to compensate for the greenhouse gas emissions caused by personal air travel. Many companies (see list[8]) offer carbon offsets as an up-sell during the sales process so that customers can mitigate the emissions related with their product or service purchase (such as offsetting emissions related to a vacation flight, car rental, hotel stay, consumer good, etc.). In 2008, about $705 million of carbon offsets were purchased in the voluntary market, representing about 123.4 million metric tons of CO2e reductions.[9]

Offsets are typically achieved through financial support of projects that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases in the short- or long-term. The most common project type is renewable energy,[10] such as wind farms, biomass energy, or hydroelectric dams. Others include energy efficiency projects, the destruction of industrial pollutants or agricultural byproducts, destruction of landfill methane, and forestry projects.[11] Some of the most popular carbon offset projects from a corporate perspective are energy efficiency and wind turbine projects.[12]

Carbon offsetting has gained some appeal and momentum mainly among consumers in western countries who have become aware and concerned about the potentially negative environmental effects of energy-intensive lifestyles and economies. The Kyoto Protocol has sanctioned offsets as a way for governments and private companies to earn carbon credits that can be traded on a marketplace. The protocol established the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which validates and measures projects to ensure they produce authentic benefits and are genuinely "additional" activities that would not otherwise have been undertaken. Organizations that are unable to meet their emissions quota can offset their emissions by buying CDM-approved Certified Emissions Reductions.

Offsets may be cheaper or more convenient alternatives to reducing one's own fossil-fuel consumption. However, some critics object to carbon offsets, and question the benefits of certain types of offsets.[13] Due diligence is recommended to help businesses in the assessment and identification of "good quality" offsets to ensure offsetting provides the desired additional environmental benefits, and to avoid reputational risk associated with poor quality offsets.[14]

Offsets are viewed as an important policy tool to maintain stable economies. One of the hidden dangers of climate change policy is unequal prices of carbon in the economy, which can cause economic collateral damage if production flows to regions or industries that have a lower price of carbon—unless carbon can be purchased from that area, which offsets effectively permit, equalizing the price.[15]

Monday, December 15, 2014

Choose Viridian Energy Today and Save More than $700.

Our Cape Cod Light electricity supply rate increased over 70% on December 1st.

But you can make a smart energy choice.

Call 508-514-0143 
Toll Free 866-663-2508 and give them 
Our Associate ID# 23665

Your On line Application Takes only 3 minutes !

*Comparison based on Cape Light Compact's Basic Service rate of 15.371¢ versus Viridian's 3 year fixed rate of 12.99¢ and an average annual usage of 10,000 kWh over three years. Comparison assumes Cape Light Compact's Basic Service Charge rate will not change during the comparison period. Cape Light Compact's rate beyond July 2015 is not known. Cape Light Compact's rate has increased nearly 70% for the period July 2014 to July 2015. Past performance does not necessarily predict future results. Cape Light Compact Customers may be subject to a Basic Service Billing Adjustment when switching to a competitive supplier.

As you have seen in the news, electricity supply rate increased over 70% on December 1, 2014.  But you don't have to pay more! Viridian can offer you a locked-in rate of 12.9 cents for your electricity supply. And we can offer YOU the same low rate for 36 months.

That's 3 years of price certainty, and an estimated savings 
or more than $700, just for making one simple choice today.  

 John & Gail Bangert

Independent Lead Directors ID # 23665
Call us  today at 508-514-0143  

Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation Video.  As I was looking at a video with Warren Buffett discussing Energy Deregulation as one of the largest shifts of wealth my eyes bulged.   

Okay let’s think of it like this…wealth trends that hit the Unites States and flew above many heads; include, the pc industry, deregulation on long distance, and cell phones. Many people “saw” these wealth trends coming and they did not invest to capitalize on them, they instead just watched them happened and became a “part” of the shift believe or not. 

Well, now everyone has another chance. Since the United States is breaking up energy monopolies as mentioned in the Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation Video, it spreading a nice opportunity for people like you and me to get a piece of it and make a six or even seven figure income.

Here what was said in the Warren Buffett Energy Deregulation Video:

“Energy Deregulation will be that largest transfer of wealth in history.”  

Well as one of the most wealthiest people in the world, I would say he is certainly a credible person to listen to. But why is it that Energy Deregulation will be such an enormous opportunity? 

Well the answer is a EXCITING!! Everyone uses gas and electric 24/7. It has become a necessity in our lives and you can position yourself to get a piece of the pie!Viridian Energy does business in MA, RI, CT, NY, NJ, PA, DE, MD, DC, VA, OH, IN, IL, SolarCity in WA, OR, CA, AZ, CO, TX and HI, calling all FACEBOOK friends and families to Residual Green Income & Savings!

Banner Days Are Ahead of Us!

Banner Days Are Ahead of Us!